Bill Wingate, Chief Heart Officer

Hi, my name is Bill and I love to travel!  I also love people.

In 2017 our agency adopted a #PeopleFirst philosophy, which means we aim to put people first in everything we do. From our agents to our clients, the goal is for this philosophy to permeate all of our relationships. We will make this happen by listening, loving, inspiring, motivating and most of all, being grateful.

To make this #PeopleFirst idea a reality, we have started a new position called “Chief Heart Officer (CHO). And, I am excited to serve as the first one for our agency. In my role as CHO, I will have the opportunity to work with all facets of MLTG, including our 60+ agents, to incorporate the #PeopleFirst mantra. I will be gauging the heartbeat of the company, doing whatever possible to become the best in everything we do, especially in regards to hearing what people need and want out of our services.

I am new in my role as CHO, but I have been a travel professional since 2010. I began in the travel business to help clients manage their Disney trips, but over the years, I have learned about so many other destinations and products that are amazing. As Disney will always be on the top of my list for an upcoming trip, there are many other options. Travel is defined as “making a journey, typically of some length or abroad”. A journey does not have to be to the opposite side of the world. It could be a simple getaway a few hours away or a trip of a lifetime halfway across the globe– there is always something and somewhere to see.

I am always inspired by and learn from my clients through their travels. No matter how many times I have sailed on a cruise, visited Hawaii, or taken my family to Disney, I am always learning. I strive each day to learn more about travel and new destinations, and I welcome the opportunity to use these tools to help clients to create lifelong memories.

So where can we start your journey?


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