Brooke Cartwright


My passion is family and memories.

In our journey of life, I look to help find experiences through travel to bring people together creating lifetime memories.

As a mom of 3 vibrant children, I understand the businesses of life and the necessity to slow down and enjoy moments together. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in sports, dance and school that we can struggle to find a good balance. Whether you are single, married or young at heart we can all relate to seeing the importance of an opportunity to stop and take a break.

This very reason is why I love helping families with their travel plans. I am a Certified Travel Associate (CTA) and have years of experience and hold certifications for many destinations like Disney Destinations, Universal Studios, all cruise lines, All-Inclusive Resorts and much more.

I provide travel agency services making reservations and bookings for trips & transportation.

It is a priority for me to get to know your family first and learn about what is important for your getaway. I’m very meticulous about planning itineraries, dining reservations, tours and much more. My goal is to make sure I carry the business of the details so you can sit back, relax and show up to enjoy your vacation getaway together.


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Brooke Cartwright
Toll Free: (866) 972.6244 ext. 779
Text/Call Direct: 903.354.4667

Client Testimonials

This was by far the best trip we ever been on! I remember as a child hearing about the opening of DIsney World and thinking I am going there one day. Only 45 years later and I finally made it and got to enjoy it for the first time with my Disney fanatic daughters who are 23 and 27! We had the best time ever!!! Even though I wish we would have gone sooner, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect vacation plus no whining and crying kids that need naps. We went in the middle of December and the weather was perfect. I actually had to buy a few more short sleeve shirts while we were there because a few days it was in the high 80’s. Thank you so much for all your help planning our trip and helping us schedule our days. We were able to do everything we had planned to do and with Extra Magic Hours and Fast Passes we hardly ever had to wait in lines very long. Also the free Dining Plan was awesome. Thank you again for all you do!

I wanted to tell you thank you from the deepest depths of my heart because this was the number on place I wanted to go and I just never thought it would happen. It’s an expensive trip, though well worth it, I just never thought I would get to go until much later in life. Disney movies and Walt Disney himself have been inspirations for me since I was a little girl; as I got older I found myself relying on those happy songs and dreams to help me through some dark times. I was so moved just being there and then the extra help with the proposal was honestly too good to be true. I will never be able to eloquently say how much it meant to me, but let me tell you that you made my dreams come true and thank you thank you thank you!

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