Lauren Copeland

I’ll never forget the look on my daughters face when she met Mickey Mouse for the first time, experiencing the mystery and intrigue of Pompeii with my husband on a hot summers day in Italy, or the memory of tasting a fresh madeleine while on the coast in France.

Nothing creates lifelong memories and experiences quite like travel does!
You want your kids to have a truly special vacation experience. (But you want to be able to enjoy it as an adult too!)

You’re wondering if your spouse will even enjoy your destination of choice. (Let’s make sure they do!)

And you want your vacation plans to be stress free. (Is that even possible when it comes to travel?)

Those are just a few of the reasons I work as a travel planner for families & couples. I believe vacations should be stress free, and that they should NEVER be generic! You don’t need just another vacation, but an experience customized to your wants and needs, and packed with memories that will last a lifetime!

As a wife and mom, I know what it’s like traveling with little ones, while also wanting a romantic get-a-way with my husband. I believe that big and small experiences make life magical, keep life fun, and create stronger relationships; but planning vacations and travel can be overwhelming and time consuming, right?

As a natural born planner, with a love for putting together the big and small details, my job as your travel agent is to get to know you and your family so that I can customize your itineraries, dining, activities, and more! Taking the overwhelm off your plate and creating an adventure that you can actually slow down to enjoy. I do the hard work for you… because it’s supposed to be a VACATION!

From the mountains of Montana, to my happy place in Disney World, all the way across the Mediterranean on a 12 day cruise, I have experienced so much and seen even more! You not only get to have my specialty knowledge of Disney Destinations, but all of my own U.S. and world travel industry experience & knowledge right at your fingertips.

So let’s start planning your family’s next adventure, today!

Many blessings from your friend and travel planner,

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