Megan Przychodzien

mod-img_6627My Name is Megan, and I am an adventure loving travel planner!

I believe travel is so much more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle! To travel means you live life with a spirit of adventure and seek the opportunities to wonder and explore!

One of my favorite things to do is explore new cities and places! I love to discover the best attractions, restaurants, and experiences that a town has to offer!
Let me do the work of finding these experiences for you so you can make the most out of your vacation!


mod-img_6592One of my personal favorite getaways is to Southern California! In Los Angels you can take part in amazing shopping as well as exciting experiences like taking a movie backlot tour! You can be immersed in the rich history of and glamour of Hollywood! Southern California also offers amazing beaches for some relaxing time!

The World is full of many interesting places. No matter what your personal interest is there is a place to travel that would bring you so much joy and wonderful memories. I would love to help you find and plan your next vacation so you can relax and enjoy your experience!

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