Tony Hopstetter

Tony-Headshot-300-NBHi everyone,

I always like to start from the beginning and tell you a little bit about myself.

It seems we always have a plan for our life and sometimes it goes away we plan and sometimes it doesn’t. I was one of those people where it didn’t go away I planned.

I guess you could say I began my life career by going to paramedic school halfway through the program I was diagnosed with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. So I guess you could say life started at that point for me.
I basically began my career at Discover Card Merchant Services. I was employed by them for approximately 18 years and loved every minute of my job and the people that I worked with.

unnamedAfter I retired to my health I couldn’t stand just sitting around doing nothing. I decided to go back to school and earned my degree in Travel and Tourism. I wasn’t a world traveler, my traveling existed of Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Gatlinburg Tennessee, New York City, and many many trips to Walt Disney World.

I figured how hard can it be. With today’s technology I thought in my mind you push a couple buttons took somebody’s vacation sat back and waited for the commission to roll in.

Boy was I surprised, I didn’t realize how many more aspects there was to this career. Now be 50 years old and trying to learn something new is very challenging. One thing I know that I had was good customer service.

That is something I take pride in, if there is an issue the buck stops on my desk I can guarantee you I will do everything in my power to make you happy with your vacation.

Right now in this adventure being a travel agent, I work for an absolutely fantastic agency. Kingdom Magic Vacations and Must Love Travel Group. They taught me so much and I am able to run my business the way that I want to.
I enjoy working with my clients, and having the honor of helping them plan their vacations.

You can reach me at 740-415-8956, 866-972-6244 x764, or tony@mustlovetravel. I look forward to helping you plan a memorable vacation.

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Tony Hopstetter
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Client Testimonials

I cant begin to thank you enough for the endless hrs of help planing my vacation. How many people can you do to and say find me a beach anywhere and in between such and such a date and they actually do. TONY DOES!! You were so understanding of situation changes and my indecision. You stuck with me smiling all the way. THANK YOU FOREVER

how amazingly helpful you are, I’ve never booked a cruise or been on one and you have responded so quickly and patiently to my gazillion questions. My husband, daughter (Lindsey), and I are so excited about this trip! For all of my FB cruisers and not yet cruisers, I highly recommend Tony Must Love Travel. He also books Disney and passenger train trips. Thanks again!